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  1. Vince says:

    I see the paypal idiots have solved my problem and not sent you your bread. I may have to re-subscribe.

  2. superior sucram says:

    What up No good i was billed 6.00 may 20 but it won’t let me log in to family room…problem probably because i usually pay with pay pal but im over the limit so i believe payment was taking straight from CC. Thanks & continue shit talking & peep my Niggerish podcast supa chuch radio on itunes and podomatic…yeh i spelled it funny cause i dont want god to strike me down!! N-A minute!!!

    • superior sucram says:

      no what no good i dont think that charge is from u…Some other b.s I will join da family room paying direct…dont like them pay pal muthafuckaz!!! How u get blocked for spending to much $$$.!!!

    • admin says:

      If you can’t login, email me directly and I will fix it…I just changed the general ip restrictions in the software.

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