I'm roastin this bloodclot pussy nigga for the last time.

Right Click Here To Listen To The Knockout Blow Roast on this nigga.

The Roastees:

And after I MASHED this nigga...This bitch ass hoe is ready to fight me cause he can't take it..So he decides to hit ME up on messenger..What a pussy!

And don't let that Hoe Sweetroll try to act like he doesn't listen to my shit because I got visitor stats

"Sonny Kracka"


And AFTER I roasted this cracka and he says that Timothy Snyder isn't his real name, I gotta bust him out on that too

 THEN after he's busted his stalker ass hits me on Yahoo messenger the next day.

"DaSexi1" The scatterbrained broke hoe that lived with roaches and a gay roomate and needed to be saved.


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