If you don't want to open up an easy 60 second paypal account and just want to use your credit card, click on the DONATE button below and donate $6.00 per Month (extra dollar for processing) that you want. For example. 1 month = $6.00  Three months = $18.00 . If you want your own username and password, put that info in the 'special instructions' box. After I have received payment, I will setup your members area account and will email you the username and password. So be sure to use the correct email address.


If you don't have a credit/debit/prepaid card, you can just mail me  a note with your email address on it and either CASH OR BLANK MONEY ORDER ONLY for $5.00 for every month you want access to:

Mr. No Good

PO Box 8361

Akron, OH 44320

DO NOT make a money order payable to Mr. No Good or it won't be cashed and you won't get access.